8 Saturated Fatty Acid Facts You Must Know

Along with the increasing awareness of healthy living, now more and more people are trying to avoid saturated fatty acids. Here are some facts of saturated fatty acids that must be understood. Fat intake and fatty acids are needed as energy providers and help absorption of certain types of vitamins. However, excessive consumption of saturated fatty acids actually harms health. Facts About Saturated Fatty Acids Not difficult to distinguish saturated fatty acids in food. At room temperature, saturated fatty acids are solid. Some other facts about saturated fatty acids, namely: Eating foods containing excessive saturated fatty acids can increase blood cholesterol levels. In addition, foods that are high in saturated fatty acids are also likely to contain high calories. The experts say, excessive intake of saturated fatty acids is associated with the risk of cardiovascular disease, such as heart disease or high blood pressure. Research reveals that saturated fatty acids may be rel
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